WeberBenAmmar PR
WeberBenAmmar PR: one way to become famous
The only way to motivate people
is through communication.
Lee Iacocca (*1924), American business leader

The experts in luxury travel PR

WeberBenAmmar PR is the leading Public Relations and communications
agency in the luxury segment of tourism.

The client list includes boutique and luxury hotels; exclusive destinations
and resorts; and suppliers in the hospitality, lifestyle and SPA & wellness

The owner-managed agency sees itself as a mouthpiece and service
provider for its clients as well as a media partner. The agency develops
individual communication strategies with measurable marketing goals and
delivers ongoing media exposure in German-speaking parts of Europe.
The success of the agency is based on relationships of mutual trust
between consultant and client on the one hand, and journalist on the

In addition to press and PR services, clients benefit from WeberBenAmmar
PR’s extensive network of contacts in all sectors of the tourism industry:
tour operators, travel agencies, airlines and other service providers in
lifestyle and luxury tourism. For the client, synergy generates revenue and

The best way make your name