WeberBenAmmar PR
WeberBenAmmar PR: one way to become famous
You can conquer readers with headlines,
but with informative content, you keep them!
Lord Northcliffe (1865 โ€“ 1922), UK press baron


We deliver both: strong headlines to attract attention, and well researched supporting information โ€“ for your ideal media presence.

We get your news to the public via newspapers, magazines, radio, television and internet. Awareness will be increased, and your image reinforced. Focused marketing activities and promotions with our industry partners create additional synergy. The result is greater trust among potential clients, new contacts, more guests and higher turnover.

Our services:

  • Strategic PR planning and brand communications (Short- and long-term PR strategies)
  • Media relations (Set-up of data base, pro-active contact with the media in German-speaking Europe, target-oriented distribution of information, personal visits to publishing houses in key media cities, press trips)
  • Editorial services (Press kits and releases, positioning and key messages, internal and external communiques โ€“ newsletters, sales letters, flyer, print and online brochures, Web 2.0)
  • Marketing activities (Promotions, raffles, co-marketing partnerships; retail, editorial and broadcast promotions)
  • Event management (Organisation, execution and follow up of press conferences, media round tables, road shows, galas, grand openings)